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The Network

The Network helps survivors, families and others cope with the many changes and dilemmas faced when a family member or a friend experiences a brain injury. The Network is made up of a team of BIAK staff and volunteers who work with physicians, nurses, hospital and rehabilitation staff.
The Network offers support in the form of:

  • Brain injury resource information
  • First-hand assistance while receiving care if in the hospital or rehabilitation center
  • Access to an interactive mobile computer station or a brain injury library
  • Support from other organizations
  • A continuum of contact services and information
  • The basics of brain injury
  • How to get help
  • Where to find resources
  • How to get on-going support
  • Other contacts available from BIAK and other organizations
  • 800 numbers, e-mail and internet addresses for additional information

Who we serve...

All individuals with brain injury
These includes people who have blood clots, concussions, skull fractures, strokes, infection, aneurysms, tumors, as well as brain injuries acquired through motor vehicle and other accidents. We want to reach out to anyone who has sustained a brain injury.

  • Families, friends and caregivers of individuals with brain injuries
  • Medical professionals as well as home and service providers
  • The community at large


Even a mild brain injury can have devastating financial, psychological, vocational and medical effects on the individual, family, friends and community. It is of paramount importance to attend to people with brain injury with services they and their families need. Through the Network, this kind of immediate support is available. We facilitate a comprehensive array of services, information, education and consultation. We quickly address the needs of people with brain injury and provide their families and friends with the services to offer a continuum of post rehabilitative care, guidance and the first-hand emotional support that otherwise would not be available.

What the Network represents for you (whether you are a family member, friend or the individual with a brain injury) is a direct liaison between you and all the information, services and assistance available. In other words, the Network is an immediate source on an as-needed basis, to answers questions about:

  • What a brain injury actually means
  • Options for treatment
  • How to assess your own particular condition
  • What the complications of brain injury can be
  • Consequences of a brain injury
  • Where and who can assist in providing care
  • What can be done during and after rehabilitative care
  • Ways to help you get back to living your life

How the Network Works

The Network is made up of a team of people starting with the staff of the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky (BIAK). Referral to the Network can come from family members hospital staff, friends or from others who believe the family and individual with a brain injury need support. During a first visit, the Network staff provides the family and individual with a packet that includes information about the program and general information about brain injury and brain injury services and supports.

A family might be matched with a trained Network volunteer. The volunteer makes an initial visit with the family and then continues to make contacts on a regular basis. The volunteer reports back to the Network staff on a regular basis.

Volunteers are usually brain injury survivors or family members. They are able to provide support based on their own personal experiences.

Address information

Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky 7321 New LaGrange Road, Suite 100 Louisville, Kentucky 40222