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ATV Tips for Parents

Be a good role model when possible. Be sure to use the equipment yourself when, and if, you ride an ATV.

Maintain dialogue with your children: they often see the extreme sports and may be tempted to copy what they see. Speak to them about safety and the many ways in which they can be hurt on an ATV.

Get training in ATV safety. Children who don’t have ATV safety training are 24 times more likely to be injured or killed in an ATV accident. Many ATV dealers offer free safety training BEFORE you purchase an ATV and can even offer a loaner for you to use before you purchase.

Make sure the ATV fits the child. More than 95% of children under 16 who were injured in an ATV-related accident were riding adult-sized machines.1 The child should be able to safely reach all controls and handle the machine safely.

Wear proper equipment. Beginning with a helmet designed for use on an ATV that fits properly, goggles, gloves and boots also need to be worn for more complete protection.

Obey all laws of Kentucky and Nature. It is against Kentucky law for a child to operate an ATV without a helmet or for anyone to ride on a public road except for short distances or utility work. ATVs are designed for off-road terrain and are not safe to operate on public roads. Also, riding too fast and taking risks are ways to get seriously hurt.

Supervise your children whenever they ride an ATV. It is never a good idea for a child under 16 to operate an ATV without adult supervision.

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Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky 7321 New LaGrange Road, Suite 100 Louisville, Kentucky 40222