Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky

The Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky welcomes you. Here, you will find information about brain injury. We define brain injury as any injury to the brain including injury received from a fall, a stroke, trauma, anoxia, infection, and tumors or other illnesses. Each year, a growing number of Kentucky citizens are affected by brain tumors. These may range from benign tumors to aggressive cancers. The Michael Quinlan Brain Tumor program recently joined BIAK to provide service and support to individuals and families who have been affected by brain tumors. There is always help available to you and your family. BIAK is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our sole mission is to serve Kentucky citizens whose lives have been affected by brain injury. We do this through advocacy, education, prevention, research, service and support.


This web site is established as a joint project with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky, the Kentucky Athletic Trainers Society, Norton Healthcare and the Centers for Disease Control. As sports programs gear up of another fall season, it is important to learn about concussions. Youth sports should be about friendship, teamwork and competition, not about brain injury. Be smart and play safe, Kentucky.


Texting and Driving is dangerous. AT&T produced this public service announcement featuring our own Wil Craig to show the long-term impact that texting and driving can have on others. When you drive, you take everyone on the road with you.

Governor Steve Beshear is signing sports concussion legislation into law at a ceremony at Central High School on April 30. This law is designed to protect student athletes from injuries from a second concussion before the first concussion has healed.


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